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​This Week in Hospitality: Key Media Stories on the UK Hospitality Industry - Week 2

​This Week in Hospitality: Key Media Stories on the UK Hospitality Industry - Week 2

Posted by Emily on 13th Jan 2024

Michel Roux Jr to close doors of Le Gavroche for final time after 56 year

The Guardian, by Rupert Neale, 13 January 2024

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Michel Roux Jr. is closing Le Gavroche, a legendary two Michelin-starred restaurant in Mayfair, to focus on a better work/life balance and other ventures. Notable for launching careers of chefs like Gordon Ramsay, the restaurant will now take to the seas with "Le Gavroche residencies at sea" on Cunard's luxury voyages. Despite its closure, the Roux legacy continues with a unique venture, blending luxury travel and gourmet dining, promising a five-course tasting menu and storytelling sessions by Roux himself, starting from June on the Queen Mary 2.

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London restaurant launches almost back to pre-pandemic levels

The Sunday Times, by Tom Howard, 8 January 2024

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Despite challenges in the hospitality industry, London witnessed a resurgence in restaurant openings in 2023, nearing pre-pandemic levels. With 253 new restaurants, the trend leaned towards upscale establishments, especially in affluent areas like Mayfair. This growth contrasts with the struggles of lower-to-mid-priced eateries, facing increased operational costs and reduced consumer spending. The article highlights the dichotomy within the industry: a boom in luxury dining, including two billion-pound hotel openings, versus the financial difficulties faced by less opulent establishments.

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Thousands of restaurants and pubs closing across UK blame soaring bills among pressures they face

The Independent, by Tara Cobham, 12 January 2024

The UK hospitality sector is in a crisis with thousands of closures, primarily due to escalating costs, staff shortages, and the aftermath of Brexit and COVID-19. The industry has seen a significant drop in licensed premises, the first in its history. High-profile chefs like Tom Kerridge are concerned about unsustainable energy bills and food inflation. The article paints a bleak picture of the industry, emphasising the need for government intervention and support to mitigate these challenges and prevent further closures.

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Restaurants and bars need a new 'Eat Out to Help Out'

The Standard, by Simon English, 11 January 2024

This piece contrasts the relative success of supermarkets during the festive period with the struggles of the hospitality sector. It suggests increased supermarket sales may impact restaurant revenues, highlighting the need for government intervention. The article advocates for measures like VAT cuts for bars and restaurants, echoing a similar sentiment from the industry for a revival of initiatives like "Eat Out to Help Out" to support these vital components of British culture and economy.

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Why Home Office visa plans will be 'nail in the coffin' for UK hospitality

The Guardian, by Rob Davies and Jasper Jolly, 11 January 2024

A recent article in The Guardian highlights the potential impact of the Home Office's new visa plans on the UK hospitality industry. The government's proposal to raise the minimum salary requirement for skilled worker visas could significantly restrict the sector's ability to hire essential staff from overseas, exacerbating existing labour shortages. The hospitality industry relies heavily on migrant workers, and these changes could pose a serious threat to its recovery and sustainability.

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Conclusion - The UK hospitality industry, especially its high-end dining sector, is at a crossroads, facing unique opportunities and unprecedented challenges. Closing an iconic establishment like Le Gavroche signifies the end of an era and the beginning of new ventures.

Meanwhile, the rise in luxury dining contrasts sharply with the struggles of the broader industry, grappling with high operational costs and reduced consumer spending. These contrasting narratives underscore the sector's resilience and innovation and the urgent need for supportive measures.

We invite readers to share their thoughts and opinions on these developments. How do you perceive the future of the UK hospitality industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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