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​UK Pub Industry Faces Significant Decline with Over 500 Closures in 2023

​UK Pub Industry Faces Significant Decline with Over 500 Closures in 2023

Posted by Emma on 22nd Jan 2024

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has reported a concerning trend in the UK's pub sector, with over 500 establishments closing their doors in 2023. This decline signifies a loss of cultural landmarks and a substantial impact on the economy and employment, with over 6,000 job losses directly attributed to these closures.

The BBPA, representing about 20,000 pubs, revealed a worrying trend: a proportionally higher rate of closures in Wales and Scotland than in England. The number of closures in 2023 surpassed those in both 2020 and 2021. Over the past six years, the UK has seen more than 3,000 pubs close, with the total count dropping from 48,349 in 2017 to 45,306 in 2023.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the BBPA, emphasised the broader impact of these closures, stating, "When a community loses a pub, it does not just lose the building and jobs, it loses a cultural asset at the heart of the community that is impossible to replace. In any local economy or community, pubs are an economic bellwether, and there is an obvious connection between the loss of pubs and the decline of local High Streets."

The BBPA has called for governmental action following the last Autumn Statement, advocating for reduced beer duty, a cap on business rates, and decreased VAT for hospitality venues to prevent further losses and ensure the sector's sustainability.

The stakes are high, with the industry contributing an estimated £26.2 billion to the UK economy, generating £15.1 billion in tax revenue, and providing 940,000 jobs. The BBPA's report serves as a clarion call for urgent support to this vital sector.

We invite your thoughts and comments below on this pressing issue facing the UK pub industry.