Clear Sky Lumpwood Charcoal

Clear Sky

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Made From:
Great For:
Longer Cooks
Heat Level:
High Heat Output
Ideal For:
Restaurants, Street Food Vendors, Serious Home BBQ'ers,
Effortless to light, ready to cook within 30 minutes with up to 2 hours of cooking time
Did you know:
No harsh chemicals, additives, or fillers
Important to know:
No Smell, Low Ash, No Sparks, No Spitting
Price Range:
£28.00 - £31.00

Introducing Clear Sky Lumpwood Charcoal; whether a seasoned chef or a backyard grill master, Clear Sky Lumpwood Charcoal is your gateway to unforgettable cooking experiences.

Sourced ethically and created from sustainable hardwoods like Oak and Beech, Clear Sky Lumpwood Charcoal offers denser pieces that ensure prolonged high temperatures. Say goodbye to fluctuating heat and hello to stable cooking perfection.

Ideal for long cooking sessions, smokers, charcoal BBQs, outdoor kitchens, and commercial indoor grills, Clear Sky Lumpwood Charcoal delivers on all fronts. Its superior performance guarantees a longer and hotter burn than conventional charcoal, eliminating spitting and sparking for a hassle-free experience.

Packaged in 15kg lined boxes to maintain peak freshness, Clear Sky Lumpwood Charcoal arrives ready for action. As the official online supplier, we proudly offer free delivery.

Join the ranks of grilling enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best.