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Frymaster Fryer Cleaning with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner

Frymaster Fryer Cleaning with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner

Posted by Stelios on 9th Jul 2023

When it comes to keeping your Frymaster fryers in optimal condition, regular maintenance is an absolute must. These resilient workhorses can whip up everything from crispy fries to succulent wings in mere minutes. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the proper cleaning process for Frymaster fryers and introduce you to the game-changing power of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner for a thorough boil-out.

Introducing Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner

In the relentless battle against extreme temperatures, stubborn carbon build-up, and stubborn residues, compromising is not an option. Your fryers, which have already demanded significant investments in both acquisition and ongoing upkeep, deserve nothing less than the utmost care. Enter Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner, the unrivalled solution to tackle the most formidable grease and carbon build-up challenges.

Engineered with an incredibly potent formula, this market-leading cleaner not only saves you money but also revolutionises fryer maintenance with unparalleled convenience. Its user-friendly powdered form works swiftly, reclaiming valuable time that would otherwise be spent scrubbing tirelessly. But the benefits extend beyond efficiency. Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner prioritises the safety and well-being of your employees by minimising their exposure to scorching surfaces. Say goodbye to gruelling scrubbing sessions and embrace a safer, more efficient fryer maintenance experience with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner.

Daily Cleaning

The following cleaning tips apply to all Frymaster models:

1. Clean the interior fryer cabinet: Use a clean, dry super-absorbent cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior cabinet. Ensure you thoroughly clean metal surfaces and parts, eliminating any oil/fat build-up and dust.

2. Clean the exterior fryer cabinet: Dampen a super-absorbent cloth or microfiber cloth with a mild solution of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner and water. Use it to cleanse the exterior cabinet, removing any oil, fat, dust, or debris.

3. Filter oil or fat: Filter the oil or fat at least twice a day. If you fry a high volume of food, consider increasing the frequency of filtering.

Boiling Out the Frymaster Fryer

To achieve a deep clean, it is recommended to boil out the fryer at least once a week. If you handle a heavy volume of food, consider performing a boil-out daily.

GF Gas & Pro-Series Electric Instructions

1. Begin by closing the fryer drain valve and ensuring the burner is not lit.

2. Prepare a mixture of cold water and 500g of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner. Fill the fryer with this cleaning solution and water, up to the lower oil-level line.

3. Light the fryer and allow the cleaning solution to simmer for approximately an hour. For Pro-Series Electric fryers, switch the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. For fryers with solid-state analog controllers, set the melt switch to OFF.

4. Once the cleaning solution has simmered, turn the gas valve knob to PILOT and let the solution cool down.

5. Add five litres of cold water and thoroughly stir it into the solution.

6. Use a heavy-duty container to drain the solution from the fryer.

7. Clean the interior thoroughly using a clean super-absorbent cloth or microfiber cloth dampened in warm water. Rinse the fryer by filling it with clean water and draining it.

8. Repeat this process at least twice. When finished, dry the fryer with a clean super-absorbent cloth or microfiber cloth.

SR Dean Millivolt Instructions

1. Ensure the fryer drain valve is closed and the burner is not lit.

2. Fill the fryer with water up to just below the upper oil level mark. Add 500g of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner and water, filling it to the fill line.

3. Ignite the fryer to bring the cleaning solution to a boil. Allow it to simmer for approximately 30 minutes.

4. After the solution has simmered, drain and rinse the fryer at least twice with clean water.

5. Utilise a super-absorbent cloth or microfiber cloth to thoroughly dry the fryer. Refill it with cooking oil when ready.

6. Frymaster recommends wiping down the fryer with a light coat of cooking oil to prevent rust formation.

By following these step-by-step instructions and harnessing the power of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner, you can ensure that your Frymaster fryers remain in peak condition, consistently delivering delectable results. Elevate your fryer maintenance routine to new heights and enjoy the efficiency, convenience, and safety provided by Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner.