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Microfibre Cloths


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Pack of 4
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£3.91 - £4.35

A microfibre cloth is great for buffing up the frying range after a busy shift or drying out the pans after a boil-out.

The ultimate cleaning companion: microfibre cloths! Say goodbye to smudges, streaks, and dust with these brilliant cleaning wonders. These microfibre cloths are designed with microscopic fibers that trap dirt, grime, and bacteria like no other material can. Not only do they provide a thorough and streak-free clean, but they also work wonders without the need for harsh chemicals. These cloths are super absorbent and can hold up to eight times their weight in liquid, making them perfect for spills and quick cleanups. They're gentle on delicate surfaces, preventing scratches and damage. Plus, they're reusable and machine washable, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run. Experience the brilliance of microfibre cloths and revolutionize your cleaning routine today

✓ Reusable and economical.
✓ Tough on dirt and grime.
✓ Ideal for a wide variety of cleaning jobs
✓ Ideal for boil-outs and general cleaning.
✓ Perfect for polishing the frying range.