​The Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths Revolution: Making Waves in the Kitchen!

​The Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths Revolution: Making Waves in the Kitchen!

Posted by Emily on 10th Aug 2023

When you think of promoting the consistency of your fish and chips, secret batter recipes or premium fish cuts might come to mind. But the unsung hero? Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths.

Why We're Raving About Them

Superior Absorbency - Prepare your fish for frying with finesse, promising the crispiest outcome every time. With Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths, batter adhesion gets a noticeable boost, ensuring minimal blow-off during frying.

A Multitasker's Dream - Beyond fish preparation, these cloths shine in all kitchen tasks. Be it cleaning surfaces or soaking up spills, these cloths make it look effortless, ensuring zero scratches along the way.

Economical & Eco-friendly - At just £1.66 a cloth, they're designed to endure rigorous tasks, promising months of repeated use - a practical choice for your pocket and the planet.

Endorsements from Real Users

Cem Oktem of The Packet Bridge Fish & Chips noticed an impressive improvement: "The batter adheres much better now. Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths gives us a consistently better product."

Lauren Kellaway of Kellaway's Fish & Chips believes the Super Absorbent Cloths are "worth their weight in gold."

Fred Capel from Chez Fred underscores the consistency: "The cloths massively reduce moisture, ensuring perfect batter every time."

Raj from Top Catch praises Ceres cloths for their role in his fish prep, noting their surprising moisture-absorbing capacity. "After a busy Friday, you'd be astounded by how much these cloths can absorb."

David Miller appreciates the Super Absorbent Cloths for preventing the batter from sliding off, ensuring every fish gets a crisp, tight batter shell.

Rafael Chandler vouches for their utility in fish prep and drying cleaned items: "An essential addition to our kitchen."

Charlie Collins sees fewer "blowholes and less wastage" using Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths, hailing them as "brilliant."

In a time where consistency is king, fish friers and chefs are turning to Ceres Super Absorbent Cloths. Join the revolution, ensuring every dish you prepare isn't just good, but exceptional.