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​The Game-Changing Deep Fryer Revamp – A Tale of Transformation at Auckley Friery

​The Game-Changing Deep Fryer Revamp – A Tale of Transformation at Auckley Friery

Posted by Emily on 24th Jul 2023

When David from Auckley Friery was introduced to the possibility of testing the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner, he was sceptical at best. His past experiences were marred with ineffective treatments that drained the day away, leaving him and his team in a losing battle against persistent carbon build-up. Enter Ceres and the new potent formula – the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner. The uncertainty was palpable. Would this be another day lost in the pursuit of an unattainable clean? David couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. 

David's previous attempts at pan cleaning were an all-day endeavour. The results were less than satisfactory, leaving a daunting question mark hanging over the cleaner's promise of an easy, efficient cleaning process. But as the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner worked, the carbon surrendered, peeling away in swathes. Within a mere span of 10 to 20 minutes, the pans were restored to their original lustre. A simple drain and wipe unveiled pans that sparkled like new, rendering David's scepticism redundant. 

Stelios didn't just bring a groundbreaking cleaning product; he introduced a highly effective flush-through technique that maximised the cleaner's efficiency. Inspired by the cleaner's prowess, David and his team have decided to embark on regular pan boil-outs every four to six months. 

The immediate impact of the deep cleaning was evident. The cleaned pans delivered enhanced burner performance, improved blanching pan speed, and quicker oil heating times. This cut their cooking times down by 10-20 seconds, much to the delight of their waiting customers. For David, this was not only an upgrade in the quality of his equipment but an investment that yielded returns in efficiency, customer service, and, ultimately, profitability. 

Despite his frying range being relatively new and immaculately maintained, David felt the effects of the Deep Fryer Cleaner on the very essence of his fish and chips. With over £60,000 invested in his frying range, he was determined to not only preserve its longevity but also safeguard his food's taste from any carbon interference or off-flavours. 

To sum it up, Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner is a formidable non-caustic solution specifically engineered to obliterate stubborn carbon build-up, polymerisation, and grease. Whether you're dealing with frying ranges, standalone fryers, or tabletop fryers, this product promises to restore your pans to their gleaming best. A cleaner pan is not just a pan; it's the first step towards superior performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and maximised profits.